Selling Content

Selling Content

Selling content. How do I see it?

I don't want to say much, I'll just tell you what I think is worth using, what is not. What you can do and what you shouldn't do.

Trust: first, we need to win the trust of the client. I have already told you how to do this. Blow to the opinion leaders. If your company has a budget for advertising on Instagram, be sure to check out the bloggers in your segment. Buy ads from them. Get their feedback. Get sales for your product or service. Pack it all in a healthy case. Healthy, in the sense of lively, honest, and interesting for the user.


I'll give you a couple of sales ideas.

What do you need?

- Specific trade offers, promotions, information about discounts, sales. Please create them as clearly as possible;

- Posts-social confirmations that say that your product is popular and people buy it;

- Reviews and photos of real customers, customer stories about how they solved their problem with the product. Be a "headache pill" for your client;

- Give something to a star! TV host. To any media person. Opinion leaders who buy your products or services are 100% successful!

- Shoot a video about a product or service. Show it from different angles and angles.

- Create an Interesting content feed for yourself. Think of columns or posts with specific symbols or frames. You must look professional.

Also, before starting your project, send a presentation about it to 10 of your friends and one businessman (who has already succeeded in business). Let everyone give you feedback. Don't be afraid to get negative reviews. After all, the most important thing that you will lose in the event of a failed launch is Time... Unfortunately, we will not be able to fill this resource. Never. To nobody...

And most importantly, don't listen to anyone. Try all the options of accommodation and make a statement about yourself.

With Respect. Your WILL.I.AM Adams

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Views in Instagram

Views in Instagram

We have long asked how certain individuals in social networks gain a crazy number of views of their videos?

There are two ways to get a large number of views: honest and not honest.

Let's analyze each:

Honest — a person has a great audience. He is the opinion leader in a certain segment. The public believes him. His number of subscribers is growing all the time like wet grass at dawn... Due to this, posting video content (initially having worked it out coolly) and collecting a competent stand-alone screensaver in the video, is very important by the way. The initial image that shows the subject of your video can significantly increase the conversion rate of views. What happens next? The video is filled in. Now, wait. Due to a large number of subscribers, the post quickly gains views and, most importantly, likes. Like, gives you the opportunity to break out in the "TOP". That is, to the top post in the "interesting" section. Have you noticed it? So, this is done by the organic traffic of subscribers who watch your video product. IMPORTANT: now " TOP " works completely differently, and there are so-called curiosities and the post does not get to the tower. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Pay money for Instagram views.

Often stars are asked to comment on a post and like it. After that, they will randomly select one or more of the commenters and send them a bonus to the card. In the form of 100-500 USD.

You can't call it dishonest. The guys are just overclocking their statistics, or it's easier to say they buy promotion for money, figuratively.

In the 21st century, this is called social media philanthropy

Not an honest way to cheat views. This is done very simply. Google the cheat services, insert a link to the video you need, and spin as much as you want. It's not much use, of course. It seems to me that you are deceiving yourself in this case... The likes are also adjusted so that the video is 100% in the "TOP". I hasten to upset those who like such things: Instagram has taken such accounts very seriously recently, and for the most part now you can only help ban your own account with such a wrong move. Inflated views may simply not be ranked and the effect is zero.

1 more way to get views: I Want you to know everything. Often, our "stars" in addition to organic at the time of publication of posts of a video nature, begin to tweak their views with the same services that I wrote about above... I personally laugh out loud when I see such things in serious commercial accounts.

💣 I hope you enjoyed the post.

With Respect. Your WILL.I.AM Adams

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Strategies of YouTube Campaigns

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would know that YouTube is a platform where modern video culture is created. Furthermore, trends are created here as well as new styles of presentation.

Additionally, building a strong subscriber base will increase your popularity and opportunity in the entertainment industry. Most noteworthy, as your influencer power grows, so will your need for quality content.

So, what’s the big deal about YouTube and why does it matter so much?

Well – YouTube is the second largest search engine, sitting only behind Google.

Mastering this platform will allow you to monetize your videos and let you monitor the pulse of your viewers. With the demand for video content on the rise – it is especially relevant to be in control of your YouTube marketing campaign. However, YouTube strategies require attention and detail – let’s look at the basics.

Utilizing video content as your YouTube marketing foundation is key. Content marketing is everywhere you look. Many companies prioritize creators who are able to consistently put out quality content. Additionally, YouTube and Google reward users that can follow this trend. Having your video appear on the front page or in the top of the search results will lead to a magnitude of views. This is why YouTube strategies are an essential part of any marketing plan

If you are releasing a new album, single, or promotional track – see what is trending.

Use this to your advantage and find unique ways to market your video. Popular themes on YouTube are unboxing videos, reactions, and vlog style. However, this may be difficult to incorporate into a new song release. Lyric videos and 360 videos are unique and cool content that your viewers will appreciate.

However, especially relevant – be sure to take advantage of features such as YouTube Live and YouTube Premiere. These are great options for increasing engagement with your audience. It all comes down to your creativity and ability to create fresh content. This is what YouTube marketing is all about.

With Respect. Your WILL.I.AM Adams

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What is Instagram Business Account?

Important information for everyone

Let's once and for all dispel all doubts about what is a "business account Instagram"? I just want to say that if you need a clear analysis and study of all the metrics and options of the network-we simply do not bypass the business account.

Let's get straight to the facts:

You can activate a business account in the settings by clicking on the gear in the right corner. You will also need a Facebook page, please see if you already have one. If not, Instagram will offer to make a new one. Please! Don't lose access to these pages. Keep everything in one place. Instagram Facebook account with a work email, phone number, pages, and therefore a business profile linked to It. Immediately after activation, you will be able to add your phone number, address, and email address to your page. So let's say you will have created the first selling card.

Now an overview of all the business profile features:

- Time and date of publication.

- A number of profile impressions.

- General coverage of the publication. Engagement.

- A number of profile views over the past week.

- The number of clicks on the site, calls, and emails sent.

- Top publications — the most popular posts for the period. They are connected by the way "filters". They allow you to explore your Instagram and see statistics of your actions. I think it's cool!

- Followers — the total number of Followers, their gender (as a percentage), and age. You can apply a filter for both men and women by defining the age for each group separately.

- You can view the "geo-points" of your Followers.

- Active time working with Followers; you can view the most relevant feed-back hours working with your followers. Brilliant isn't it?

But the coolest thing is working with promo posts. Now you can run ads and target any post you post from your feed directly to your Instagram profile. That is, it is - "promo posts"
Waiting for a like and follow if the post went and the information you really need.

Good luck! Your WILL.I.AM Adams

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Set Up An Instagram Profile Correctly!

It's time to answer your questions.

Wrote long. Tried. I will be glad if the information will be useful to you.

In this post, I will tell you about the most common mistakes when creating commercial Instagram pages.

Let's go:

Try to describe all the most important aspects of your business in the account description.

In the first line "NAME" - I think you need to register the type of activity. Let's say: Hockey equipment | Chicago. They showed you who you are and where you come from.

Important: the "NAME" string is fully displayed when searching for your account in the Instagram search engine. So think about how to issue it. Don't create a complicated account name. Don't make people write 50 characters at a time. The name of your account, and the company as a whole, should be minimal and memorable.

Example of a good account name: olyamusic

Example of a bad account: __myprofile_forsale1876_

Next: In the "about yourself" column, break everything down into new lines.

Important: you can only move from line to line when editing a profile from the web version. Don't be lazy to open Instagram from your computer. By the way, it will be much faster to collect thoughts and test a lot of descriptions.

Oh, Yes, now you can do it from your phone. In the first line "about yourself" give an offer. For example: when ordering kits for the amount of $ 5000, a 20% discount. Devote the following lines to the product range.

The Council: collect interesting posts on a specific topic under one hashtag. It works great. Use "highlights" for important promotions or additional sources of your information: Youtube Channels, Telegram Channels.

In the "site" column, insert the landing page or your site.

If there is no site, generate a link to the link in messengers. This way you can immediately receive requests without forcing a person to rewrite the contact for communication in your phone and then only write to you. It is difficult. Don't mock your customers. I'm not just saying this, many people don't really use Instagram direct. Use this live hack.

With Respect. Your WILL.I.AM Adams

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