5 most deserving numbers from the current top 50 iTunes Charts

iTunes Charts is the same thing to music enthusiasts as Forbes list is to check the list of rich people.

Music freaks often check top 50 iTunes Charts very much like they do check their social media status. However, it is often found that they don’t feel accomplished about every purchase they makeover here.

Wiser ones, thus, do go through the reviews before downloading anything onto their device. Instead of just bringing any of the latest releases, it is indeed a smarter idea to check whether it is worthy.

In this context, provided below is a quick review of those numbers which deserve some space within your device.

Forever After All

Well, grabbing the top spot of the Latest iTunes Top 50 Albums 2020 is not the only reason for this to have the best review here.

Those who have special enthusiasm towards the Country genre or simply those who understand this genre well would easily understand why there is so much fuss around it. Luke Combs is just magical in this. All in all, it deserves every reason to be at the top spot.

Mood (feat. iann Dior)

It’s said that the numbers often don’t lie. Also, it’s said that the best way to judge the success of something is through statistical analysis and ranking. Interestingly both these aspects apply well with Mood featuring Iann Dior.

The current iTunes Chart ranking of it though is 7, but noteworthy here is that the song conquered the top remained at the top spot of Billboard Hot 100 chart for a straight couple of weeks. It’s still is the number 1 hit song in the United States.

In short, the number by 24kGoldn featuring Iann Dior is a must recommendation for all music enthusiasts.

Blinding Lights The Weekend

Contemporary slam-bam music might grab attention for a while, but only those remain in the hearts of listeners who manage to touch their souls. And Blinding Lights is a perfect example of the same.

One of the finest numbers in R&B/Soul genre has been the top-ranked song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart list. Maintaining its buzz for the past year is enough to depict the level of X factor of it.

Dynamite BTS

In the K-pop genre, Dynamite BTS is indeed one of the greatest songs ever made by anyone. Talking about its credentials, this is one of the former top-ranked songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Its current 12th rank on the iTunes chart doesn’t justify its worth completely. It indeed deserves to take place of any other number of your device.

Someone You Loved

Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi is considered an eternal number in the Alternative genre. Still managing to stay at 16th rank despite being released almost 2 years past clearly states its significance. It is one of the former number one songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

All said and done; these are the 5 deserving numbers from the iTunes Top 50 Songs Chart 2020, those worthy of taking your device’s memory.