Selling Content

Selling Content

Selling content. How do I see it?

I don't want to say much, I'll just tell you what I think is worth using, what is not. What you can do and what you shouldn't do.

Trust: first, we need to win the trust of the client. I have already told you how to do this. Blow to the opinion leaders. If your company has a budget for advertising on Instagram, be sure to check out the bloggers in your segment. Buy ads from them. Get their feedback. Get sales for your product or service. Pack it all in a healthy case. Healthy, in the sense of lively, honest, and interesting for the user.


I'll give you a couple of sales ideas.

What do you need?

- Specific trade offers, promotions, information about discounts, sales. Please create them as clearly as possible;

- Posts-social confirmations that say that your product is popular and people buy it;

- Reviews and photos of real customers, customer stories about how they solved their problem with the product. Be a "headache pill" for your client;

- Give something to a star! TV host. To any media person. Opinion leaders who buy your products or services are 100% successful!

- Shoot a video about a product or service. Show it from different angles and angles.

- Create an Interesting content feed for yourself. Think of columns or posts with specific symbols or frames. You must look professional.

Also, before starting your project, send a presentation about it to 10 of your friends and one businessman (who has already succeeded in business). Let everyone give you feedback. Don't be afraid to get negative reviews. After all, the most important thing that you will lose in the event of a failed launch is Time... Unfortunately, we will not be able to fill this resource. Never. To nobody...

And most importantly, don't listen to anyone. Try all the options of accommodation and make a statement about yourself.

With Respect. Your WILL.I.AM Adams