Is the Working of Top 200 iTunes Charts Different? Here is all you need to know!

Music is often defined as creativity in its purest form. With people craving more music, the world of music keeps evolving. Moreover, digital platforms like iTunes make it easier for individuals to rejoice in their favorite artists' beats.

The beauty of the top 200 iTunes charts is that it keeps updating as per the users' likes. Being able to discover new hit songs every day provides sheer bliss to the listeners.

If you want to expand your fan base and make your song acquire a top position on the iTunes top 200 songs chart 2020, understanding the working process is important.

Difference between Apple Music and iTunes

Most times, people often confuse iTunes with Apple Music. However, both are different. Before understanding iTunes' working, let’s take a glance at the difference between Apple Music and iTunes.

1. Apple Music is a popular music streaming service, and iTunes is a well-known media software.

2. Apple Music requires a monthly subscription while iTunes offers a free-to-use platform.

3. Apple Music offers only music-based service, while iTunes provides photos and videos as well.

Now that you are clear about the difference let’s move forward to understand the working of iTunes charts.

Working of Top 200 iTunes Charts

Do you believe that the iTunes charts ranking is based on the number of times your song is played? Well, most people have the same perception, but it is different. It is based on the total number of downloads.

The higher the number of downloads, the greater your rank on the latest iTunes top 200 albums 2020.

To understand how the platforms such as iTunes work, take a look at the pointers below.

- The songs have to be downloaded a lot or streamed online a lot.

- Whenever an artist releases a new song, it doesn’t get added to the top list.

- The listeners active on iTunes need to download the song several times to take it up on the top 200 list.

- The songs that perform exceptionally well commercially and can appeal to maximum users appear on the top charts.

Now you must have gained a clear picture of how the iTunes platform works and ranks the song on the top chart.

However, the number one song on iTunes might be different from that on Billboard. This is because the ranking methods, as well as the working process, differ.

Moving Ahead

A clear idea about how iTunes working process is different from the others is vital to start your journey towards acquiring the top position on iTunes top charts.

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