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With the emergence of music streaming came the acceptance of the music lovers of the whole world. It’s is used every day by millions of people whether at work, at home or on the move with a mobile phone. You may be wondering how it has reached such a large reach for personal or business purposes in such a short time. The company has over 10 million users in Europe alone. People’s passion for music has led them to make a new music innovation world-famous in no time. People love to share it with their friends and they love sharing it. The company is already too big to ignore as a coworker. Start with Social Media Marketing and buy your first package to give you a name on the largest music streaming platform in the world

The fact that many companies and artists are already buying Spotify Plays and Followers is no longer a secret but has become a new marketing strategy. Social media marketing is the fastest growing marketing strategy in the next few years, according to Forbes Magazine. It is important to pay attention to the origin of the users listening to your songs. An American artist or a American company will not be able to do much with Spotify Plays from Egypt. Online Music Promotion gives you the opportunity to maximize your reach. Start with social media marketing and make Online Music Promotion your marketing partner. Another way to put out content to increase your fan base but staying clear of social media still, is having a blog. 

77% of internet users still read blogs. This shows there’s an audience out there and if you’re not into creating social media content, you’re not really into having your voice recorded, then blogging could be for you

Blogging is exactly the same as podcasts but written. So firstly, you need to find your niche, whether this is documenting your journey, blogging about the instrument you play or perhaps something entirely different.

The best way to do this is to have a blog section on your website as this would mean extra traffic to other areas of your site such as your music.  Blogs increase website traffic by up to 6x so if you’re blogging about guitars, you write a fantastic blog and start ranking on google for a certain guitar review, you’ll have thousands looking at your website, where your music will be linked, your bio, your music videos – potentially getting new fans.

Key things to remember when having a blog is to be consistent. There’s no point documenting your journey if you’re only going to upload once every 3 months. Upload as often as you can and that doesn’t mean full essays.

Blogging industry statistics confirm that the best length for a blog post is 1,600 words, so that will take you an hour a day, nothing if it means getting new fans. 

Also remember to include images and titles as the majority of people skim articles and if you include enticing images and subtitles, they can skim it quickly and work out whether they want to read on. 

Both podcasts and blogs are fantastic for an artist’s growth. We’re doing the same! We upload blog posts and podcasts weekly and the response we’ve had is fantastic and it’s not different for you.

So…if you’re wondering what style will best suit you, experiment, speak to fellow musicians, and make sure that whatever you choose, be honest and true to what you are doing, as audiences can tell when something is forced. Use these methods to connect and grow relationships with people who will eventually become your fans.

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We are offering the following:

We provide a comprehensive support to help you in creating some impressive profiles on social networking
platforms. Our affordable services, automatic order process, automatic deposit, and instant delivery will make
social media marketing a more feasible job for you and your marketing team.
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Be Viral On Spotify Charts Today

Become viral on Spotify charts that contains list of the top most streamed music online and by buying Spotify
promotional services you could build the trust among people and gain more popularity. Spotify chart consists of the
songs that are viral and streamed frequently by millions of users. Spotify is best for exhibiting talent for both new
people and popular artists. In any other platform it takes more time for getting viral in Spotify. Spotify widely
available in all parts of the world and helps your music be viral.

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Buy Spotify Plays

Creating huge audience and fan base becomes more difficult with less effort and time when you are expecting it instantly. Buy Spotify plays for obtaining the immediate response for your profile. When you buy Spotify play you get revenue and popularity with the royalty that you got for your music.

Spotify is a music streaming platform which capture millions of hearts giving free access for music from many artists around the world. Spotify plays are eligible for royalties provided by active users. When you buy Spotify plays not only your audience increase but also Spotify is one of the most useful methods of promoting your music.

Buy Spotify Followers

Credibility of any Spotify account is essential and it depends upon the number of followers. Buy Spotify followers from us since we provide quality followers and offer you reliable set of audience to start your musical career. Buy Spotify followers for getting more exposure for your profile.

Spotify is the best musical platform used by millions of people. Buy Spotify followers for better social promotion of your account. Buy Spotify followers for engaging and growing more audience. Having more Spotify followers will gain authority for your profile. Gain more exposure and become viral by buying Spotify followers and start your musical career by keeping more audience engaged. Get more visibility for your profile with more number of followers for your Spotify account

Buy Spotify Saves

Buy Spotify saves for adding a song or album to your music and it would be easier for you to search them among many songs in your playlists. Our Spotify promotion service grows your account popularity by creating an authentic profile with less effort and time.

Buy Spotify saves to keep the fans excited about the release of the music. When the music gets released your music will be delivered to the Spotify users the next moment. Spotify Saves allows the user to save the music to their playlist.

Marking saves for the music or adding them to playlist by Spotify users shows the popularity of the particular music. All the saved music goes to the playlist and will reduce the amount of time saved on searching for the user.

Buy Spotify monthly listeners

who will stream your music for a particular amount of period based on the plan that you choose. Immediately after a new release your music becomes popular by making different set of people listen to your music.

Buy Spotify monthly listeners who will play your music for a particular time period. Spotify monthly listeners statistics chart gets updated everyday. To have the higher ranking you will need more listeners for your profile.

Buy Spotify monthly listeners because the more different users listening to your music, the more you will gain popularity. Get more listeners and improve your ranking and be in the top list of Spotify charts.

Why Us

Why music artists need spotify promotion?

With increased number of music artists joining on spotify on regular basis, the competition is higher than ever. Roughly, 20000 songs daily are uploaded on spotify. It’s a huge number for any musicians who are looking to get organic attraction for their music. With the advancement of growth rate of spotify this competition for free music promotion will go even deeper. Musicians need to depend on online marketing firm such as justsafestreams to get heard by millions. That’s why artists need spotify promotion so that they don’t wonder how to get more spotify followers or streams.

Why Musicians and Artists need Press Release?

Since every day does not offer mind-blowing news pieces, media outlets and websites need something different and valuable to fill in the gaps. That’s where press releases come in. A press release is precise but contains enough information to make a compelling and newsworthy story.

For example, a musician just released a new album. Without the right promotion strategies, such as press releases, the collection is less likely to get enough publicity and visibility unless you are a world-renowned artist. When you choose our service, we will write and distribute press releases onto 350+ news channels.

Get More Followers on Social Media

We can also include links to your website, social media pages, YouTube channel, Spotify profile, and other sources within the press release.

By doing so, we give you the best possible chances to get more visitors, followers, and plays on your website, YouTube channel, Spotify account.

Press Release Format and Style

While we use a particular format to write a press release, we are flexible to adapt it to each website or new outlet’s format and style requirements.

Moreover, we write it in a journalistic style, so it does not sound like a sales pitch; otherwise, the press release will lose its credibility.

You don’t have to worry about the technical stuff because we provide a press release service that includes everything, from getting the story from you to having it released.

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Why Choose US?

Instant Delivery

JustSafeStreams provides instant delivery of the service and provided within few days and the status of the order is updated immediately and also tracked easily. Faster delivery of service from us when compared to the rest.

Real Profiles

All Spotify promotional service that you buy from JustSafeStreams is from real users of Spotify. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your Spotify account. Services offered by us will look real and natural.

Guaranteed Results

All the Spotify packages are available at an affordable price. Choose the plan that you need for your Spotify account and proceed with the payment. Order will be processed soon once the payment is complete and you get a guaranteed result.

Increase Brand Popularity

Buy Spotify promotional service for creating brand awareness if you are having a new account. Many people are buying the service for using in promoting since it takes less amount of effort and because of quick results.

Quality Guaranteed

100% Guaranteed results is offered by our service since we are a trustworthy provider who delivers quality service. We offer the best reliable followers for your account so you don’t have to worry about your account.

Visibility & Engagement

When you buy Spotify promotional services from us, benefits include increased visibility for your account and increasing the engagement of the user. When billions of users are using to stay unique buy from us for guaranteed results.

100% Risk-Free Guaranteed

All the Spotify services are delivered from real users of Spotify and so it is risk-free and you can expect the best results within a short period of time. It is safe and secure to buy the Spotify services from us.

Privacy & Discretion Assured

No password is required from your side and the details that we require would be your Spotify username and mail id for delivering the service. Your account privacy is safe and maintained.

24/7 Support

When you have any queries related to the Spotify packages or related to JustSafeStreams service you can feel free to contact the support team which is available 24/7 to solve your issues immediately

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JustSafeStreams offers a reliable service from real users of Spotify where you could gain more visibility from new audiences. When you buy the services from us you get guaranteed results with a quick delivery.
When you buy Spotify promotions, you will be able to find the right Spotify fan base and music listeners across the world. Buying helps in maximising the reach among the rest of the users within a short period of time.
Spotify play is essential since the ranking of the music is important and When you buy Spotify play your musical track will get more user engagement and it will also be easy to discover your profile. Spotify plays increases the reach to the users.
Account credibility is decided on how many followers for your Spotify account. Followers are the key factors for the accountability and popularity of Spotify account. To reach the maximum audience you need more Spotify followers for becoming viral.
Buy Spotify monthly listener to increase the popularity since even if you have many plays it doesn’t matter if it would be considered as one listener only. So getting listener would be the difficult thing if you need immediate results. So buy monthly listeners package for instant results.
Buy Spotify promotion package that you need the most and which you are interested in. Spotify service includes followers, saves, plays and monthly listeners and by choosing our service you get more traffic than usual and popularity also increases.
When you buy Spotify promotional services be it followers, saves, plays or monthly listeners you will be able to see the guaranteed results after few days. Credibility and more organic followers will be obtained.
Once you have selected the service and have done with the payment, your order will be delivered within a few days. If you have any issue with the service or the delaying of delivery then contact our 24/7 support team.
Spotify play is essential since the ranking of the music is important and When you buy Spotify play your musical track will get more user engagement and it will also be easy to discover your profile. Spotify plays increases the reach to the users.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Buy Spotify plays helps getting you more listeners delivered from real users. Spotify play helps improve ranking of viral Spotify chart. It covers a wide range of musical attributes that includes music like rock, pop and jazz for you to easily organise. Spotify play is the best way for connecting with audience very easily with short period of time.
Buy Spotify streams to look more successful by getting more reputation and also you will be able to gain royalties. Best platform to promote and get revenue from your music royalties. Benefit is getting your audience attention and loyalty for your account. Targeted streams allows reach a set of targeted audience.
Spotify play helps improve visibility for your track better. When a song gets more plays in Spotify play then soon many audience will be able to visit in quick time increasing the popularity of the account. You also improve your loyalty metrics with the more amount of Spotify play.
After you buy the Spotify promotional service from us you will get a confirmation. We don’t require your password. Buying Spotify service from us is easier and gets you more reputation with more audience for your account. All the Spotify promotional packages are available at an affordable price.
We assure safety for your account since no password is asked from you. It is 100% safe and secure service from real users. Packages are available at an affordable price which helps in increasing your fan base. Your information is kept safe and secure in all the steps while you do a purchase.
Yes, along with Spotify plays we also provide Spotify followers, Spotify saves and monthly listeners. All the Spotify promotional packages are offered at an affordable price and another benefit is faster delivery of the service immediately delivered after your purchase. Gain more popularity by choosing the best Spotify package that you will need.
We offer a reliable service and your account details are safe and secure. So you don’t have to worry about your account getting banned or removed. We assure your data is private. Purchasing from us is a simple and easy process. All the services are offered from real users of spotify.
We offer a 24/7 customer support service if you have any queries related to buying the services from us. In case if you have any queries related to any of the packages that we offer you can contact the support team who will help you through chat or in some cases even through the mail.
Spotify play is essential since the ranking of the music is important and When you buy Spotify play your musical track will get more user engagement and it will also be easy to discover your profile. Spotify plays increases the reach to the users.

How To Buy 

Choose Your Service

We also offer Spotify plays, saves and followers Spotify promotional service packages. You could choose the best package that is suitable for you.

Provide Us Order Details

Choose the numbers that you need and after that provide the url

See The Result

By selecting the package that you need, Spotify listeners gained easily and they are sent to your profile immediately after your purchase.

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