What is Instagram Business Account?

Important information for everyone

Let's once and for all dispel all doubts about what is a "business account Instagram"? I just want to say that if you need a clear analysis and study of all the metrics and options of the network-we simply do not bypass the business account.

Let's get straight to the facts:

You can activate a business account in the settings by clicking on the gear in the right corner. You will also need a Facebook page, please see if you already have one. If not, Instagram will offer to make a new one. Please! Don't lose access to these pages. Keep everything in one place. Instagram Facebook account with a work email, phone number, pages, and therefore a business profile linked to It. Immediately after activation, you will be able to add your phone number, address, and email address to your page. So let's say you will have created the first selling card.

Now an overview of all the business profile features:

- Time and date of publication.

- A number of profile impressions.

- General coverage of the publication. Engagement.

- A number of profile views over the past week.

- The number of clicks on the site, calls, and emails sent.

- Top publications — the most popular posts for the period. They are connected by the way "filters". They allow you to explore your Instagram and see statistics of your actions. I think it's cool!

- Followers — the total number of Followers, their gender (as a percentage), and age. You can apply a filter for both men and women by defining the age for each group separately.

- You can view the "geo-points" of your Followers.

- Active time working with Followers; you can view the most relevant feed-back hours working with your followers. Brilliant isn't it?

But the coolest thing is working with promo posts. Now you can run ads and target any post you post from your feed directly to your Instagram profile. That is, it is - "promo posts"
Waiting for a like and follow if the post went and the information you really need.

Good luck! Your WILL.I.AM Adams