Set Up An Instagram Profile Correctly!

It's time to answer your questions.

Wrote long. Tried. I will be glad if the information will be useful to you.

In this post, I will tell you about the most common mistakes when creating commercial Instagram pages.

Let's go:

Try to describe all the most important aspects of your business in the account description.

In the first line "NAME" - I think you need to register the type of activity. Let's say: Hockey equipment | Chicago. They showed you who you are and where you come from.

Important: the "NAME" string is fully displayed when searching for your account in the Instagram search engine. So think about how to issue it. Don't create a complicated account name. Don't make people write 50 characters at a time. The name of your account, and the company as a whole, should be minimal and memorable.

Example of a good account name: olyamusic

Example of a bad account: __myprofile_forsale1876_

Next: In the "about yourself" column, break everything down into new lines.

Important: you can only move from line to line when editing a profile from the web version. Don't be lazy to open Instagram from your computer. By the way, it will be much faster to collect thoughts and test a lot of descriptions.

Oh, Yes, now you can do it from your phone. In the first line "about yourself" give an offer. For example: when ordering kits for the amount of $ 5000, a 20% discount. Devote the following lines to the product range.

The Council: collect interesting posts on a specific topic under one hashtag. It works great. Use "highlights" for important promotions or additional sources of your information: Youtube Channels, Telegram Channels.

In the "site" column, insert the landing page or your site.

If there is no site, generate a link to the link in messengers. This way you can immediately receive requests without forcing a person to rewrite the contact for communication in your phone and then only write to you. It is difficult. Don't mock your customers. I'm not just saying this, many people don't really use Instagram direct. Use this live hack.

With Respect. Your WILL.I.AM Adams